Pure Organic Coconut Sugar
Pure Organic Coconut Sugar

Pure Organic Coconut Sugar

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Sustainably harvested from organically grown coconut trees, Matakana Superfoods Pure Organic Coconut Sugar is minimally processed to retain all of its natural coco-nutty goodness. Its delicious, sweet, caramel flavour makes it a great alternative to regular cane sugar and the perfect addition to your coffee, tea, baking and cooking. No additives, bleaching agents, or chemicals are needed to make coconut sugar and its low G.I (35) makes it a smarter choice for the whole family.

Health Benefits : 

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Low GI
  • Electrolytes

Pure Organic Coconut Sugar is minimally processed which means that it retains a large quantity of nutrients compared to other more refined sugars which are nutritionally void. Pure coconut sugar contains nature’s vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes – everything you need to grow a perfect coconut. Although coconut sugar still technically contains a percentage of base sugars sucrose, glucose and fructose, its inulin fibre content and other micronutrients make it act more like an intrinsic sugar (such as that which occurs naturally in a piece of fruit) and therefore has a low GI score of around 35. It is considered coconut sugar to be one of the healthiest sugar options available.

How to Use :

Use in the same 1:1 ratio as regular sugar

Recipe Idea for Coconut Sugar

Storage :

Store in a cool, dry place

Ingredients :

Organic pure coconut sugar*. No preservatives or additives. (*Certified Organic)

Packed in a facility that may have exposure to nuts and sesame seeds.